20 – 24 July 2020, Montserrat, West Indies

Dear Colleagues and Community,

We at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) in collaboration with The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre, are pleased to invite you to participate in the Soufrière Hills Volcano 25 Years On conference in Montserrat, West Indies.

The conference commemorates the 25 year anniversary of the start of the eruption at the Soufrière Hills Volcano. The significance of this eruption to both the community of Montserrat and the international community of scientists studying volcanoes and disaster risk reduction in the last 25 years cannot be underestimated.

The theme for the conference is Opportunities from Disaster: Lessons from 25 years living with the volcano. With a view to not only discussing what has happened in the past but also looking towards the future of living with the volcano.

This conference promises to be one with a difference as there will be a focus on the many variables that go into life with a volcano; volcanism and geology will be discussed together with disciplines from the social sciences. Several day themes are put forth to explore a range of topics including science and disaster risk reduction aspects, how we can learn through our geoheritage, communicating hazard and risk, the cultural repsonse to the eruption as well as how to use natural and knowledge resources for future reslience.

In addition, there will be the opportunity to see more of the island through several field trips exploring the geology and impacts of the eruption and life on a small volcanic island in the Caribbean.

Montserrat is known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, its lush green peaks of volcanic origin, fresh pure water that you can drink straight from the mountain and friendly community feel make it the perfect location to get away from the usual distractions of life. The island of Montserrat will welcome you to experience the rich island life whilst enjoying the conference activities. Visit a little, stay a while, either way Montserrat will remain in your heart.

Dr. Victoria Miller
Chair, Soufrière Hills Volcano 25 Years On
Research Fellow – Volcanology
The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre – Montserrat Volcano Observatory