Preliminary Schedule

Sunday 19th July*
Monday 20th July
Tuesday 21st July
Wednesday 22nd July
Thursday 23rd July
Friday 24th July
Evening: Welcome Reception
Theme: Science into disaster risk reduction
Theme: Learning from the past
Field Trip Day
Theme: Cultures of communication
Theme: Resources for future resilience
Evening: Dinner and Cultural Evening

The overarching theme for the conference will be Opportunities from Disaster: Lessons from 25 years living with the volcano. Each day will have a sub-theme to reflect several topics that will have a multi-disciplinary contribution, the four day-themes will be:

  1. Science into disaster risk reduction – to include both the physical sciences of
    volcanology and also the practical aspects of implementing the science into reducing the
    risk from volcanic activity
  2. Learning from the past – for instance geoheritage, archaeology, geoparks, how we learn
    from the past and how we can promote learning in the future and for generations to
  3. Cultures of Communication – communication can be through words, pictures and
    sound, so how do we communicate about volcanoes and volcanic hazard both for
    hazard mitigation and more generally, how does living with a volcano impact culture
    and what are the short and long term cultural responses to the eruption
  4. Resources for future resilience – volcanoes are a natural resource, the mineral rich soil
    influences the flora and fauna and they produce materials that can be utilised for
    economic purposes, the knowledge that we gain through learning about a volcano, its
    products and its impact is also a resource that we can use to promote future resilience